Wicked Tuna: North Vs South

Teaser: One Strange Rock



The all-southern fleet faces danger in the OBX. With the bluefin market recovering, the captains work together to increase their chances of success.



  • Danger Lurks


    A new season for bluefin tuna fishing in the Outer Banks brings brutal winter weather, giant fish and a gritty hometown competition.

  • Beat the Storm


    The Outer Banks fleet battles an angry ocean to find bluefin tuna before rough weather arrives. Meanwhile, Little Shell searches for their first fish.

  • Hot Water, Big Tuna


    The fleet races to take advantage of a wave of big fish, but with the weather working against them, Rasta Rocket struggles to keep up.

  • Doghouse Domination


    Britton on the Doghouse proves he may have the ace crew in the Outer Banks, despite it being their first year as a team.

  • Herd is the Word


    Every year big herds of fish move in to the OBX. From that point on, it’s mayhem as every fisherman tries to catch their share.

  • Cost to be the Boss


    Offshore Outlaw takes a risk to fish during a short weather window as a storm approaches. Dog House fights to maintain their hot streak and the lead.

  • Fog of War


    While the fleet is docked, one boat takes a chance to gain ground on the others. But facing fog, wind, and high seas alone could spell disaster.

  • Hog Tied


    Hog Wild has struggled to make its mark all season. Now halfway through the competition, it’s now or never if the new boat wants to stay in the game.

  • Triple Trouble


    With the Outer Banks blue fin season half gone, Southern hospitality helps one captain, as the fleet hooks more monster tuna.

  • Risky Business


    The wind wreaks havoc on the Outer Banks, but with over half the quota caught, the fleet takes bigger risks than ever.

  • Pressure Point


    The season is halfway over and with another stormfront moving in, the competition is tight and the fleet is feeling the pressure.

  • Tried and True


    Hog Wild fights to maintain their lead in unusual weather. With increased pressure on the water, the captains rethink their tried-and-true methods.

  • Goldrush


    Big Bluefin are everywhere, but calm seas and a nice day make catching one nearly impossible, as boats pack in tight while they troll for a paycheck.

  • Down to the Dollar


    With the competition so close, and the quota dwindling, fish-handling can make the difference between first place and NOT first place.

  • The Big One


    As the quota diminishes, every captain is desperate to strike blue gold. Whether a young gun or a salty dog, the Outer Banks plays no favorites.

  • Red Seas


    The fleet looks to prevent the Fishin’ Frenzy from securing their fifth title as Greg and his crew continue their hot streak.

  • Break Point


    With the quota filling up, fishing season in the OBX could end at any moment and the tension on every boat in the fleet is at an all-time high.

  • One Last Fish


    With less than 24 hours remain for the boats to land a fish, the fleet faces another major hurdle. The bar is at its worst, forcing captains to risk a dangerous crossing or go home without a paycheck.