Wild Russia

The Amur Tiger



From deserts to semi-arid steppe, dense forests and Arctic tundra, Russia is home to some of the rarest species on earth.



  • Kamchatka: Ring of Fire


    Kamchatka, a remote heaven for wildlife in far eastern Russia where animals try to survive to the deep freeze in this pristine wilderness.

  • East of Eden


    Russia's Lake Baikal, and the Eastern delta on the Caspian Sea are a treasure trove for biodiversity, and strange enigmatic creatures.

  • Siberia's Frozen Heart


    Siberia battles temperatures of -80F during winter, its short summers bring heat up to 104F. But these extremes are no barrier to wildlife.

  • The Hidden Kingdom


    In far Eastern Russia, mountainous boreal taiga in the north meets temperate rainforests in the south. Here species find their last refuge in a wild place like no other.