WWII: Secrets From Space




World War II - the largest, most destructive conflict mankind has ever known. Decisive battles, both epic and complex, played out against a vast landscape across the globe. Many of these operations have been misinterpreted, lost in the fog of war or consumed by the landscape. Using remote sensing techniques (including LiDAR, photogrammetry etc), each episode tells the story of a WWII battle or campaign and will hopefully even changes some of the accepted truths documented in military files or veteran testimonies.


Season 1
  • America's Bloodiest Battle


    The team investigate the Hurtgen Forest in Germany to uncover the hidden traces of the longest and bloodiest single battle in US army history.

  • Hitler's Killer Rocket


    In 1944, the Nazis launched the world's most advanced weapon. Pete Kelsey and Marty Morgan uncover the awful truth behind Hitler's Vengeance rockets.

  • Pearl Harbor


    The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor changed the world. Now new technology is revealing hidden traces of that attack, on the land and underwater.

  • The Battle That Won The Pacific War


    Between the volcanoes, jungles and swamps of Papua New Guinea, the team hunt for clues as to how Allied troops dismantled the Japanese war machine.

  • Island Under Siege


    In 1940 the Axis besieged the Mediterranean island of Malta. Pete Kelsey and Marty Morgan uncover how the most bombed place on earth fought back.

  • Bloody Road To Rome


    The Allied advance to Rome ground to a halt in Italy's mountainous heartland. Pete and Marty investigate why this route cost so much human life.