Yukon Gold

The Test



Yukon Gold Season 2 featured the return of miners Ken Foy and Guillaume Brodeur on Moose Creek, Karl Knutson and his dad Marty on Sulphur Creek, Big Al McGregor on Indian River, and introduced us to farmer turned miner Cam Johnson, and his family, working two claims at 10 Mile Creek. The stakes will continue to rise in Season 3, which promises more adventures, mishaps and crises, as well as some exciting changes. Three of the four camps will return, with one new camp added to the mix.



  • Homecoming


    As the season gets underway, Bernie clashes with his most experienced crew, son Jarret. After months of lonely prep work, Chris reunites with his partner Nika and their three small children. Karl gets big gold right out of the gate. Big Al returns to the Yukon in a wheelchair, hoping to turn his life and his mine around.

  • Treasure Hunt


    Bernie finds promising signs of gold, but struggles to start sluicing. Nika and Chris fire up a new sluice plant to get their first gold of the season. Karl uses old maps to locate gold around the dredge at Last Chance. Red tape severely delays Ken and Guillaume's new mining venture.

  • Hard Rain, Bad Luck


    Chris and Nika's rookie mine hand Nick gets the dozer stuck in mud while opening up their biggest cut ever. Bernie cranks his sluice plant to its limits for maximum efficiency. Karl struggles to stay on a hot streak when heavy rain takes a toll on his operation. Big Al opens up a new pit hoping for better gold after a bad weigh in.

  • Embrace the Chaos


    Nika and Chris fight machine breakdowns and water problems, but a new crew member may turn their fortunes around. Ken's pregnant wife Kina pressures him to make it home for their child's birth just when his season is finally starting. Karl sluices the far end of his cut in search of the next gold hot spot. Bernie's perfectionism costs him a crew member when his son Jarret goes AWOL

  • For Blood or Money


    Ken and Guillaume race to get sluicing before Ken leaves for the birth of his son. Bernie almost loses a second crew member when an argument with younger son Justin tests his mettle as a father and boss. Big Al's gamble on a new pit pays off. Karl and his crew pull out all the stops to sluice a record 200 ounces of gold in one week.

  • Desperate Times


    At the halfway point in the season, Nika and Chris struggle with an excavator repair they can't afford. Guillaume battles rocky ground on his own while Ken is home for the birth of his son. Karl turns to family for a helping hand when work at the mine is more than one Knutson can handle. Bernie's son Jarret returns and helps get sluicing back on track.

  • Hurts Like Hell


    When Ken returns to poor gold at the mine, he and Guillaume increase production in an effort to save their season. Chris has to manage his mounting stress after multiple breakdowns shut down his mine. Bernie and wife Shari lead their boys to promising ground and a big pay day. Big Al puts the mine on hold to mark the first anniversary of his wife's death.

  • Double Down


    Chris pushes hard to start sluicing 24/7 while Nika's kid brother gets in the way. Ken and Guillaume's plan to get two sluice plants running comes crashing down after one falls off a truck and the other spins itself into disrepair. After hitting the hottest gold of his career, Karl takes part in a charity golf tournament. Big Al gets shut down for longer than expected when replacement pump parts need modifications.

  • Old Timers’ Revenge


    Karl brings on extra help to finish the Dredge Cut but comes up short of his 1000 oz goal. Bernie gets shut down at Little Blanche when he discovers the old timers took more than he bargained for. Big Al restores an old wash plant in a last ditch effort to keep sluicing to the end of the season. Chris and Nika weigh in with one of their main investors, Chris' father.

  • Race to the Finish


    Nika's brother quits, leaving her and Chris in the lurch at the end of the season. Ken and Guillaume dig deep to prove the Atlin ground and get one final big pay day. Karl fights water and time to surpass his 1000 oz goal. Big Al puts his health on the line to break even.

  • Grit, Guts & Glory


    Grit, Guts & Glory features the most emotionally dramatic and explosive content from across four seasons to get to the heart of what it takes to be a Yukon Gold Miner. The gruelling mining season pushes men and women to their physical and emotional limits as they battle breakdowns, weather, bad ground, and each other. But their ingenuity in the face of setbacks, their determination to overcome all obstacles; and their perseverance through the darkest days reveal the true character of Yukon Gold Miners.