Yukon Vet


Season 6

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  1. Wednesday 4 November at 22:05 CAT

    Fly Like An Eagle (Season 1)

  2. Thursday 5 November at 22:05 CAT

    Reindeer Pains (Season 1)

  3. Friday 6 November at 22:05 CAT

    One Angry Muskox (Season 1)


Spanning thousands of acres and incorporating hundreds of species of animals; Michelle Oakley's veterinary practice is Yukon tough. There is no such thing as a typical day in Michelle's practice. House calls can range from expelling dogs anal glands to getting chased down by the very large Artic Muskox. Accompanied by her teenage daughters and armed with humor as sharp as scalpel, Michelle deftly juggles being a full time Veterinarian, wife and doctor; taking us into unexplored and unexamined regions of the Yukon.


  • The Boar Ultimatum


    Dr. Oakley is on an airborne mission to track down a wild boar who has contributed to the overpopulation of the destructive species, but he won't go down without a fight. A relaxing cross country trip turns stressful when a nervous caribou panics en route to its new home. Homer the puppy has a worrisome bump on his neck. Dr. Oakley visits a pregnant ewe with a history of birth complications.

  • Wild Wild Wolverine


    Dr. Oakley ensnares a snarling wolverine to learn more about her ferocious species, but this girl is all bite. An arthritic jaguar gets an experimental treatment to help him get back on his feet. A routine horse checkup turns up something suspicious. A cow's motherly instincts put Dr. Oakley in a tricky situation.

  • License To Quill


    Harper the dog needs Dr. Oakley's expertise when a chance encounter leads to a prickly situation with severe consequences. Dr. Oakley squares off with a muskox who's lost his swagger, but this king doesn't like being bossed around. A bear cub needs more than honey to settle down for surgery. Freya the puppy battles an eye issue, and Wilber the formerly-wild mustang has an abscess investigated.

  • Bear Trapped


    Dr. Oakley and her daughter are up in the trees, waiting for a black bear that needs to be collared, but an uninvited guest may throw a wrench in their plans. A newborn reindeer has a life-threatening injury. She then hosts a dog clinic for a remote island where she sees a dachshund who was trapped in a hunting trap and gets a visit from a four-legged police officer.

  • Bovine Intervention


    Dr. Oakley is called in to treat a disgruntled sow in labor and her neglected, hungry piglet. A routine calf banding turns into anything but, sending her team on a wild cow chase. Dr. Oakley waits for the dark of night to check on the local bat population. A dog goes through an unexpected change and a miniature horse needs Dr. Oakley's expertise to fight an unknown infection.

  • Hump Day


    Facing off with squealing boars, Dr. Michelle Oakley holds her ground to stay on the right side of their razor-sharp tusks. It's hump day when Dr. Oakley has to neuter a camel, but he won't go down easy. A service dog with an incredible intuition has a mysterious mass. Baby owls get their first check up and Dr. Oakley howls with wolfdogs.

  • Wily Coyote


    Dr. Oakley is in for a shock when she has to neuter a wily coyote. But this slick fellow doesn't realize that Dr. O has a few tricks up her sleeve. A harbor seal pup must have emergency surgery if he ever wants to see the ocean again. Chuckles the reindeer needs an antler trim. A baby muskox is a picky eater, a turkey has a broken leg, and a lucky buck loses his winning streak.

  • Reindeer Rodeo


    Dr. Oakley stares down the giant antlers of reindeer to check on their herd, but these guys won't let her leave without getting a little dirty. A moose's big belly causes concern among his owners. Two cliquey alpacas are introduced to a potential new friend. Playful foxes jump on Dr. Oakley and a bison proves to be harder to sedate than anticipated.