Africa's Deadliest

Saturday 15 June 14:00 CAT


Season 8

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Across hostile lands that weed out the weak from the strong, Africa’s deadliest have become bolder and braver in a world where brutal competition for resources plays out daily.


  • Wild Jungles


    Africa’s jungles; mysterious wild worlds that hide some of the continent’s deadliest inhabitants. In the tangled canopy, predators lie in wait and every shadow conceals death.

  • Savannah Survivors


    From highspeed cheetah hunts in the Karoo to deadly river crossings in the Serengeti, Africa’s savannah specialists battle it out for survival in these hostile landscapes.

  • Desert Killers


    The dunes and deserts of Africa are a land where only the toughest can survive. Through wits, brawn, and true killer talents, these are some of Africa’s deadliest.

  • Deadly Waters


    From terrifyingly powerful Nile crocodiles lying in wait to violent battles between hippo bulls, Africa’s waterholes set the stage for the continent’s greatest spectacles.

  • Predator Paradise


    Southern Africa’s Bushveld region is home to the icons of the African continent. It’s an untamed wilderness where ancient battles for survival play out on a grand scale.

  • Wild Assassins


    From the hunting techniques of the Ethiopian wolf to the highspeed aerial pursuits of the Verreaux’s Eagle, Africa’s assassins are perfectly adapted, specialist predators.