Africa's Wild Side

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Season 1

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  1. Friday 9 December at 13:50 CAT

    Battle of The Sexes


The survival rituals of the charismatic creatures of Botswana are as mysterious, elaborate and varied as the animals themselves.


Season 1
  • Battle of The Sexes


    All life is shaped by one powerful driving force: the need to breed. Every animal on the African plains is a player in the mating game.

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    Friday 9 December at 13:50 CAT
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  • Born To Survive


    There is no tougher place to bring up baby than in the wilds of Botswana. Every parent will do what they can to give their young a fighting chance.

  • Nature's Greatest Architects


    Botswana is a land of epic beauty, where the wildlife itself shapes the land. Every animal builds, maintains and renovates their structures.