America The Beautiful: Wild Frontier




Over five hours, America The Beautiful tells the story of the frontier and wildlife closest to America's heart. We explore the woods that Davy Crocket once called home in The Great Valley of Appalachia, and where Wild Bill Hickok saw his last sunset in The Badlands of South Dakota.


Season 1
  • Mississippi Untamed


    At America's center, Three Rivers Wild - the Mississippi, the Missouri and the Ohio - combine their strength and transform into a behemoth that splits the nation. Thousands of snow geese arrive with winter, and river otters hunt within breaks in the ice.

  • America's Badlands


    East meets Wild West in The Badlands of South Dakota. Famous frontier towns, Crazy Horse, and U.S. Presidents are immortalized here, but living legends thrive just over the hills.

  • The Land of Lakes


    The northern Land of Lakes is a lush realm of forests and wet bogs - but in winter, it's governed by snow and ice. Timber wolves search widely with their powerful noses, while great greys- the largest owls in North America -plunge deep into the snow for a meal.

  • Living With The Wild


    Down on the Farm, people and animals in America's heartland face a life fraught with risk and danger. In order to share the abundant ecosystem with farmers and their tools, it's safest for wildlife on the fringes: in the field, above the hayloft, and hidden under plow.

  • Surviving Appalachia


    The Great Valley was home to some of America's greatest legends. Today, the critters hunted by the likes of Davy Crocket and Daniel Boone still strive in this little-known strip of wilderness