The Incredible Dr. PoL

Monday 11 December 18:45 CAT


Season 21

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  1. Thursday 30 November at 16:20 CAT

    Lilo and Stitches (Season 20)

  2. Thursday 30 November at 22:00 CAT

    On Pigs and Needles (Season 11)

  3. Friday 1 December at 16:20 CAT

    Toe the Swine (Season 20)


On The Incredible Dr. Pol, the docs are racing from critical clinic visits to emergency farm calls.


  • Dr. Pol-ar Express


    An ice storm shuts down the clinic and newborn labs are melting hearts. Corralling cattle and wrangling racehorses impresses clients.

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    Friday 29 December at 16:20 CAT
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  • Mission Impawssible


    Dr. Pol races against the clock to save the life of a mother cow. Nonstop farm calls pile up as his team of vets keep the clinic covered.

  • Oh, You Paw Thing


    Dr. Pol hustles from before sunrise to after sundown. The vets tackle a twisted calving, two wounded ducks, and a struggling baby goat.

  • Steering Up Trouble


    The vets have their hands full with animal mischief! Dr. Pol plucks quills, Dr. Lisa unhooks a fishhook, and Dr. Nicole pulls string from a cat.

  • Gettin’ Rowdy!


    With two emergency calvings, surgical wound repairs, and pets in pain, the vets can’t wait for sunny skies.

  • It’s A Wonder-foal Life


    Dr. Pol welcomes a new foal to the family, and Dr. Brenda is injured trying to save a life. A blocked bladder and a face full of quills keep PVS busy.

  • Tater Swift


    The vets treat an ailing alpaca and a dangerous cow with a face full of quills while Charles works on a solution for seat-stealing Tater.

  • The Pawfect Storm


    It’s Father’s Day! Before Dr. Pol can relax, a puppy tornado touches down at PVS. A kitten is rescued and a pig needs help with a severe hoof injury.

  • Pitch Purrrrfect


    The team searches for clues to what is causing a snake’s strange lumps and a cat’s sky-high temp. Doc takes the field to throw out the first pitch.

  • Dr. Pol Goes to Washington


    Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda team up in a rare moment on an emergency farm call before Doc departs on a very special trip to D.C.