India's Lost Worlds

The Headunters of Nagaland

Episode 1 - Season 1


India's Lost Worlds reveals the hidden creatures and untouched lands that few outside its borders have heard of, and even fewer have seen.



Season 1
  • The Headhunters of Nagaland


    Compared to the rest of the subcontinent the North East of India remains largely untouched and unexplored. Steeped in mystery and folklore, this land is a remote and beautiful sanctuary.

  • Kipling's Paradise


    This episode delves into India's jungle heart, and the mysterious forests nestled in the shadow of the Western Ghats' great peaks.

  • The Great Indian Plains


    Stretching for over 200,000 square kilometres, the Thar is known as 'India's Great Desert'. Governed by the drought; humans and animals have forged unique alliances, in order to survive India's Great Plains.