Man V. Animal




When we tamper with nature, it often fights back. Or if we move into the territory of big predators, they don't just sit and watch. These are the stories of mankind's battles with nature-- when we upset the balance and when carnivores decide they don't want us hanging around. Someone is going to lose the fight and it's often us.


  • Ultimate Bear


    Ultimate Bear: What makes a bear so powerful and so successful that they have even figured out how to break into our houses?

  • Attack of the Killer Bees


    Attack of the Killer Bees: An alien species moves into the United States after a scientific experiment went horribly wrong.

  • Killer Cane Toads


    Killer Cane Toads: Australia has enough of its own deadly creatures without this toxic alien toad messing with its fragile habitats.

  • Fire Ants Texas Border Massacre


    Fire Ants Texas Border Massacre: In one small, Texas town there's a bizarre experiment that may help stop the invasion of the fire ant.

  • Ultimate Hippo


    Ultimate Hippo: How does this three-ton, vegetarian giant become the biggest (mammal) killer of people in Africa?

  • Ultimate Vipers


    Ultimate Viper: Vipers are beautiful but deadly, contributing to 100,000 human deaths a year. What are their secrets?

  • Killed By Coyotes


    Killed By Coyotes: A walk in the woods turns tragic for one young woman and the reason for death is shocking.