Mission Critical

Mission Critical Namibia

Season 1


When National Geographic photographers go on assignment, it's not just a job-it's a mission. Covering stories that are as urgent as they are timeless, they travel to every corner of the globe to show us what we need to know now-to save iconic species from extinction, protect ourselves, and make way for a better, more sustainable planet. And this time, they're taking you along for the ride. Go deep off the shores of Cape Cod, as award-winning photojournalist Brian Skerry investigates a rash of fatal shark attacks where humans aren't the prey, but the predators. Travel to the tropics of Borneo, where field biologist and photographer Tim Laman races against time to bring attention to a palm oil industry that's wiping out some of the last remaining orangutan habitat. And join legendary big cat photographer Steve Winter as he ventures deep into the beating heart of Mumbai-to capture extraordinary imagery of leopards right in the center of the most crowded city on the planet. Having the "best job in the world" isn't as easy as it sounds. Because when you're assigned a Mission Critical, you've only got one shot at telling us the story-and making a difference



Season 1
  • Leopards At The Door


    National Geographic photographer Steve Winter has spent his life working to save endangered big cats through his award winning pictures. Now he turns his lens on an elusive and deadly predator: the leopard. In this episode Steve ventures deep into the beating heart of Mumbai to capture stunning imagery that shows how leopards and people can co-exist. Could Mumbai's leopards be a model for how we can learn to live with these iconic creatures?

  • Orangutan On The Edge


    Their name translates as person of the forest. They are among our closest cousins. They look and act in ways we find instantly familiar. But orangutans remain a mystery, living in solitude high in the forest canopies of Borneo and Sumatra. And now, as deforestation and poaching threaten the very existence of orangutans, we're racing to understand their life in the wild. National Geographic photographer Tim Laman is on a mission to tell the story of Borneo orangutans before it's too late. Trekking to remote locations and scaling massive trees, he's documenting behaviors we've never seen - and showing how different groups of orangutans develop unique...

  • Sharks Under Attack


    National Geographic Photographer Brian Skerry has appointed himself the shark's public relations expert. In this episode we follow Brian to unexpected territory-Cape Cod. While great white sharks usually assemble in hubs like South Africa and Australia they have recently made their way to the northern Atlantic. Brian's quest is to frame these creatures not as violent Jaws-like man-eaters but as kings of the oceans who keep its fragile ecosystems functioning.