Outback Wrangler


Season 3


In the dramatic scenery of Australia's Northern Territory the saltwater crocodile population has been protected for over 40 years. Which means they've had time to grow! But the bigger they come, the greater the need to protect these magnificent predators from human encounters. In Season 3, every episode will see Matt Wright and his mates Jono and Wilo catch at least one monster croc! It's dangerous work but danger comes with the territory.


  • Croc Attack At Finnis River


    With the rains approaching, the cattle will return so Matt and the boys need to make sure the dams are free from crocs.

  • Busting Free


    A big croc is eating a thousand dollar's worth cattle. The owner puts the call into Matt to catch and relocate it to the croc park.

  • Croc In My Backyard


    Simon and his wife Lauren own a station 300 miles south of Darwin, right on the bank of the Roper River. During the wet season the river rises 30ft right up to their back door bringing their kids face to snout with some very large crocodiles. Matt sets his traps along the river and catches 4 large crocodiles and sends one giant 15 footer off to the park.

  • Camping With Crocodiles


    Mining exploration crews are camped out for weeks on the property, relying on rivers for their water. But that's where the crocodiles live.

  • A Crocodile's Tail


    With 2-fingered Tommy Nichols from Parks & Wildlife, Matt builds the largest trap he's ever made to catch one of the largest crocodiles caught in Australia.

  • Hunting Grounds Part 1


    In the 1970's Lizzie Downs was popular for being the place to find huge crocs. Over the past years they've had a chance to re-bound.

  • Hunting Grounds Part 2


    In their first week the boys have pulled out a number of big crocs but Matt is sure the big animal that sank the boat is still out there.

  • The Croc That Ate A Boat


    During peak tourist season a big croc crawled up onto the back of his fishing and now the tour operator is refusing to go near the water.