Savage Kingdom

Final Scene The King Expells His Prince

Episode 4 - Season 2


SAVAGE KINGDOM is back with real-life drama from Mombo, Northern Botswana, where peace never lasts long, and power comes with a price. The kingdom's royalty returns to rid the land of hyena rule and regain its rightful control. The tables are turning; dominance is shifting; and everyone must fight not only to survive but to defend his or her rightful place in a changing, cutthroat kingdom.



  • A Mother's Sacrifice


    Lioness Tsebe must choose between her pride's safety and her own freedom.

  • The Rebellion


    The forest residents turn on orphaned leopard Motsidi when she can't keep her kill.

  • Death of A Dream


    Lioness Tsebe determines if the Northern Brothers are worthy to father her new dynasty.

  • Line of Fire


    Lioness Thata risks everything to save her pride, but it comes at a terrible price.

  • Outcasts Rising


    Young alpha Wame desperately seeks water for her dogs,but she suffers terrible consequences.

  • The Crown


    Drought turns Mombo to dust and Phefo must travel for father for food, faced with danger.