Secrets of The Zoo


Season 2


SECRETS OF THE ZOO gives unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to one of the nation's largest and most popular zoos? The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. With 2,000 employees, 10,000 animals, 6,000 veterinary cases and more than 100 animal births each year, SECRETS OF THE ZOO tells the dramatic, heartwarming and often hilarious stories of the wildlife? and wild people, that it takes to create a loving and healthy landscape for the animals and animal lovers alike.



  • Flock Star


    Every day’s a whole new roller coaster ride at the Columbus Zoo and The Wilds! This week, a beloved flamingo super-daddy fights for his life, and a cheetah mom gets a biopsy on a scary growth on her liver. We’ll also meet a chatty otter and a wickedly smart monkey. Witness behind the scenes how the keepers, vets, and all the animals work together to live their best lives.

  • Reindeer Pedicure


    It’s a little nuts at the zoo: Wruwallin the Koala has lost her contact lens, Kenny the Rhino has lost his appetite, and Bob the trickster monkey has lost his mojo. What’s a zookeeper to do? Maybe relax by giving a soothing pedicure to three bucking reindeer. Better yet, let’s just take the afternoon off and go for a peaceful stroll with a softhearted vulture. It all actually happens today on Secrets of the Zoo.

  • Tunnel of Love


    Big excitement at the Columbus Zoo as the new Adventure Cove facility officially opens! Visitors delight at a massive 360 degree underwater viewing tunnel where playful sea lions frolic above, below and all around. Also this week, we meet a tiny slow loris and a beloved black iguana, each presenting a puzzling health mystery for the vets to solve! Just another day at the Columbus Zoo!

  • Holey Batwings


    This week: the vets at the zoo are in a race to figure out why a newborn sea lion pup is failing to gain weight. A celebrity flying bat named Barb is treated for some mysterious holes in her wings, which leaves her hanging upside down and wondering why she’s got this annoying cone around her head. A zebra named Holly takes a trip to the spa for a much-needed hoof trim.

  • Red Panda Drama Mama


    This week: a naughty red panda mom develops a limp. Question is, does she need a day off from the cubs, or is she really in pain? A large and in-charge female moose comes down with a nasty cough, which requires quick thinking and a small army of Zoo experts to resolve. And a cherished cheetah is down to four claws, but makes another astounding comeback as he prepares to hit a life milestone!

  • Giraffe-Ic Park


    This week at the Columbus Zoo: the Heart of Africa team is barely coping with three pregnant giraffes who are all due at about the same time. Dr. Priya perches atop a step ladder to give Connie the Elephant an eye exam, and a beloved pair of camel brothers embark on the next phase of their life’s journey as they prepare to leave the Wilds. Plus, learn what a “zoomie” is. Hint: it’s cute to miss!

  • Roary the Lionheart


    The animal care team has to get creative to treat some of the deadliest patients at the zoo. First, they need to squeeze a 19 ft., 200 lb. Reticulated Python with major back issues into a CT scanner designed for humans. The team encourages a shy male lion to start dating, even when the lionesses can’t stand him. A 1300-pound brown bear with a disturbing chronic cough needs a full medical workup.

  • A Giraffe is Born


    Meet Spike the friendly skink, a rare species of lizard who baffles the team with her mysterious weight loss; an abscessed tooth becomes a crisis for a beloved sheep named Fiona; and Lulu the Giraffe has a baby! Watch as the Wild’s team goes all-out to lead an endangered calf out of harm’s way as a storm approaches. Don’t miss the chaos when two adorable cheetah cubs meet their puppy companions.