Snakes In The City

Wednesday 19:40 CAT



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  1. Wednesday 20 October at 07:55 CAT

    Attack of the Black Mambas (Season 1)

  2. Wednesday 20 October at 12:35 CAT

    Attack of the Black Mambas (Season 1)

  3. Wednesday 20 October at 19:40 CAT

    Attack of the Black Mambas (Season 1)


Streetwise snake-catchers Simon and Sioux race across the city to face some of the world's deadliest snakes in the most bizarre situations and release them back into the wild. Watch as they solve snake problems like deadly forest cobras at wedding venues, enormous pythons guarding their eggs, lethal black mambas inside ceilings, and more.



  • Python Party


    Catching a black mamba at midnight is only part of Simon and Siouxsie's latest challenge; they also bring 25 baby rock pythons into the world.

  • Cobra Wedding Crashers


    A hitchhiking forest cobra at a wedding keeps Simon and Siouxsie guessing and an emergency black mamba callout turns into a canine rescue mission.

  • Mamba Mayhem


    Simon and Sioux try to secure a black mamba escape artist, wrangle an irate python, and catch a cat killer.

  • Black Mamba Summer


    Simon has his hands full with a lightning fast mamba and an unidentified snake terrorizes a school, before Siouxsie handles the deadliest of the lot.

  • The Snake Pit


    Simon has his hands full with a massive black mamba that doesn't want to be caught, a cobra hiding in a room of old sacks, and a snake in a car!

  • Big Mamma Mamba


    Simon has a close shave with a pregnant black mamba looking to lay her eggs, and she's not the only female mamba that Simon and Sioux have to catch.