Sobrevolando: Latin America from Above Compilation

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Sobrevolando: Latin America from Above Compilation


The vast territory that spans from the Rio Grande to Patagonia is home to a great variety of birds. Latin America from Above captures them in their full beauty. Just to name a few, in Mexico there are pink flamingoes, cormorants, and brown pelicans, in the Dominican Republic pelicans and kingbirds. In Perú has the Guanay, a type of cormorant, that produces Over 20 metric tons of guano yearly, a valued export, and the majestic Andean condor. Argentina has Magellan penguins, ducks, and Southern Flamingoes. This compilation will focus on these birds and will include other fauna, like dolphins, whales, and seals.


Season 2
  • A Birdseye View


    A majestic journey to celebrate the Latin American landscape and its feathered inhabitants, guided by the wonderful voice of Gina Rodriguez.