The Hidden Kingdoms of China




From its highest mountains and plateaus, to its thickest jungles and bamboo forests, "The Hidden Kingdoms of China" will reveal the wild side to China that few knew existed.


Season 1
  • Ghosts of the Mountain


    Perfectly camouflaged and fiercely determined, the wildlife of China's mountain kingdom fight to survive in perilous and unpredictable conditions.

  • Realm of The Secret Jungle


    The Jungles of southern Yunnan are unique in China. Home to its greatest diversity of life.

  • Empire of Giants


    A story of giant pandas and other fascinating creatures that live in China's bamboo forest, like the bamboo bat, golden pheasant and moustached toad.

  • Surviving the Ancient Grasslands


    During the short window of summer, the animals of China's vast grasslands race against time to raise their young before the onset of autumn begins.

  • Forest of the Golden Monkey


    Follow the journey of a Golden monkey during the first year of her life as she learns all about her forest home and battles the elements to survive.