The Incredible Dr. Pol

Sunday 6 December 21:10 CAT



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On this jaw-dropping season of The Incredible Dr. Pol, the docs have their paws full as they dash from emergency farm calls to urgent clinic visits. Challenging cases are met with heartwarming milestones and the crew of PVS strap in for a wild ride.



  • Boot-Scootin' Boogie


    He's baaaaack! This time on The Incredible Dr. Pol, Doc glides into the clinic with a grin on his face, sporting a newly-replaced ankle and a fresh set of wheels. No toe-touching the ground for six weeks means Dr. Pol is bound to a knee scooter while he keeps things on track at PVS. Hilarity ensues as Doc whizzes around the clinic, recruits Charles as his physician's assistant, and even perfects the art of coffee talk!

  • North Pol Express


    This week, on The Incredible Dr. Pol, 'tis the season for mysterious cases, wild chases, and a little Christmas magic. Doc is still recovering from ankle surgery and rolls into his first case on his scooter only to find two chickens suffering from bare bums! Then, Dr. Emily and Dr. Nicole team up for a farm call to see a cow with a retained placenta - or so they think!

  • The Quest For Camel-Ot


    The Pol family says goodbye to their beloved, Kid. Kid has been a member of the family for years and most recently has been residing with Charles and Beth. While this episode bids farewell to Kid, there are still a lot of "Pol" moments with some punch-filled laughs.

  • More Than A Feline


    The Docs are feline fine as they handle every case, call, and client! A bona fide bevy of bovine await Drs. Pol and Nicole as they roll out to Clay Knob for herd health checks. At the clinic, Dr. Brenda works on a ruffed-up Anatolian Shepherd named Darcy while Dr. Emily treats Copper the labradoodle puppy to his first lick of peanut butter: concealing a de-wormer pill.

  • Love At Frost Sight


    This week central Michigan is blasted with a blizzard! From canine crises and false alarms to a missing kitty, the docs bundle up and buckle down.

  • Frankly My Deer...


    The struggle is real with the patients of PVS this week, who have managed to find their way into serious trouble. A Boer goat gets tangled up in a wire fence causing a life-threatening leg injury, while a Weimaraner finds herself between a sock and a hard place. But not all injuries are self-inflicted? an unlucky buck meets the business end of a dart and a mite party is raging in a giant rabbit's ears. Buckle your seatbelts, folks? PVS is racing to the rescue!

  • Dr. Pol's Super Bowl


    Dr. Pol sees thousands of patients every year and, yet, only one pint-sized pony's managed to capture his unbridled love--Charlie the Mini-Horse! On this very special episode, we deep dive into the unique bond that Doc and this amazing therapy horse have formed over the years.

  • License To Chill


    Winter is on its way out but not before blasting the Mitten with one last ice storm! This week, central Michigan faces freezing temperatures and white-out conditions, making work even more difficult than usual for the vets at PVS. From frigid farm calls to slippery roads and a string of ice-related injuries, Pol Vet is ready for anything!

  • Danes of Our Lives


    Tensions run high when the vets face some of their most challenging cases, yet! Dr. Emily tackles two stalled labors and the victim of an after-hours dog fight, while Doc Pol rushes from one call to the next, while helping Charles' Great Dane puppy, Atlas, get back on his feet. When animals are in need, there's no such thing as "9 to 5", so the vets of PVS are working around the clock!

  • Little Pol Peep


    America's favorite vet quartet barely frets as they're faced with questions, quadrupled, on the downbeat of another busy day. The docs have their hands full with prickly problems, bellicose bovine, and a mangled mini-horse. It's sure to be a wild ride on this jaw-dropping, head bopping, heart-stopping, episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

  • One Dane At A Time


    This week, Doc and Diane fall head-over-paws for a sweet Great Dane puppy looking for her fur-ever home. As if a new puppy doesn't keep Doc busy enough, Pol Veterinary Services is slammed with animals in need. From a rescued mini-horse with a hairy problem to a Pomeranian requiring emergency eye surgery and a cat that was attacked by a wild animal, the vets barely have time to squeeze in a lunch break!

  • That's A Nono!


    It's spring in Michigan, and that means baby farm animals! From reindeer calves to goat kids, these brand-new clients are keeping the Pol team on their toes. Add in a prickly pet, a chicken battling parasites, and a potentially deadly case of pancreatitis, and the docs are in for an action-packed episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

  • Love If A Cattlefield


    This week, on The Incredible Dr. Pol, the vets at PVS slip on their kid gloves to care for fur-babies across the mitten, from a box-full of kittens to a goat kid feeling not-so-rosy. Not everything is a little bundle of joy, though! Dr. Nicole faces a bloodbath at House Dairy, Dr. Brenda swings by Rooftop Landing to examine a lame reindeer, and Dr. Pol treats a cat that survived by the skin of its teeth. Between the baby bonanza and barnyard emergencies, it's a nonstop week for the docs at Pol Veterinary Services!

  • A Pol New World


    A favorite Pol vet says goodbye, but not before a menagerie of mysteries swoop into the clinic. The Docs are faced with husky canines, spellbinding kitties, prickly prospects, and Dr. Emily's emotional departure. It's sure to be a stunning, running, and certainly punning, joyful journey through another episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol!

  • Cat Scratch Fever


    This week at Pol Veterinary Services, the vets are herding cats…literally! From a barn cat with a cold, to a new mom with kittens, and a fired-up feral bent on redecorating the clinic, the feline frenzy is only the beginning of the crazy cases. The team also encounter a dog that's been eating golf balls, goat kids in distress, and a cow with milk fever.

  • Moo In Town


    From new vets to newborns, this episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol is full of surprises. During a series of challenging clinic and farm calls, Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda let new vets Dr. Lisa and Dr. Ray take the reins and show off their veterinary skills.

  • Fair-Y Dogmother


    New fur-iends, fair weather, and proud paw-rents can only mean one thing - summertime has returned to central Michigan! This time, on The Incredible Dr. Pol, the docs have their hands full with 4H clients preparing for the Isabella County Fair - which is a pig deal around here!

  • Lord of The Wings


    This week at Pol Veterinary Services there's trouble afoot: from an emu with a broken leg, to a colt with a mysteriously swollen joint, and a collapsing mastiff. From a tiny kitten to a bloated calf, all shapes and sizes are welcome on this episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

  • Daned If I Do, Daned If I Don't


    This week it's not all fun and Danes as the vets race across central Michigan to help clients of all shapes and sizes, from a cantankerous cow to an exotic reptile. Dr. Pol and Charles rush to rescue Sam, a 2-year-old Percheron, while Dr. Brenda checks on Sebastian, a 4H sheep with a spot of trouble - ringworm!

  • Here, There, Emu-Where


    Everyone is running here, there, and emu-where. The week starts with 10 feisty bovines that might be pregnant. Then one of Dr. Pol's own Friesian horses isn't walking right. After briefly misplacing the horse, Dr. Pol and Charles team up to figure out the mystery injury.