The Wild Sides

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The Wild Sides


The dry riverbed of Mashatu, Botswana, is home to an incredible cast of creatures: A herd of elephants, a mother
leopard and her cub, a jackal couple raising their young and a feisty troop of baboons. They might all look like great
neighbours, but when push comes to shove, every single creature will fight for their piece of African bush. Now, we
follow their stories as they fight to stay alive and raise their young in a world full of danger. But unlike the stories told
about the African wilderness in the past, this time we see things from every perspective


Season 1
  • The Drought


    A corner of Botswana is at the peak of a severe drought. As potential prey is drawn to water, predators take notice. Survival is never guaranteed.

  • Flood and Foes


    In a drought-stricken corner of Botswana, lions, jackals, hyenas and leopards fight for survival.

  • Growing Up


    A wild corner of Botswana has been transformed by the return of rain. Young and old, jackals and cheetahs, leopards and lions must find their own way.