Wild Arctic




From the Arctic Islands to the snow forests of the Taiga, this series captures the planet's toughest creatures, in it's most spectacular habitats.


Season 1
  • Islands of Ice And Fire


    From a polar bear struggling to hunt on dwindling sea ice, to an ice-proof caterpillar that take more than a decade to pupate, the Arctic Islands are a proving ground that pushes all its animals to the max.

  • The Frozen Forest


    Home to a trillion trees, the boreal forest encircles the entire globe. Bears, wolves, and hummingbirds emerge, hoping to take part in a feeding frenzy, in the largest forest on earth.

  • Desert of Ice


    At the top of our world lies the Arctic tundra. The tundra's bleak terrain is home to a fascinating array of animals, each with unique adaptations.