Wild Australia With Ray Mears

Controlled fires in Australia



Ray Mears explores the spectacular landscapes of Australia. Delving into desert, wetland, rainforest, coastline, grasslands and the Great Barrier Reef, he goes in search of the weird and wonderful animals that live down under.



Season 1
  • The Reef


    Ray journeys to the Great Barrier Reef where he encounters a hump back whale calf learning how to swim, and goes underwater himself to interact with giant Manta Rays, green turtles, and a host of marine creatures.

  • The Wetlands


    Ray travels to Arnhem land, one of the most remote regions in Australia, where he comes face to face with a giant saltwater crocodile and witnesses the ancient tradition of farming with fire.

  • The Bush


    In the Bush lands of Victoria, Ray tracks down two Australian icons, the kangaroo and koala. He also canoes across a secret lake in search of the elusive duck billed platypus.

  • The Rainforest


    Ray travels to the deepest darkest heart of the Australian Rainforest in search of its most elusive creatures: the cassowary, a prehistoric flightless bird and the improbable tree kangaroo.

  • The Coast


    Ray braves the fierce Southern Ocean taking to the seas in search of unique species like the weedy sea dragon. As he travels down the Great Ocean Road he encounters dolphins, penguins and Australian Fur Seals.

  • The Desert


    On his journey to the heart of the country, Ray flies past the Uluru monolith on a chopper, he camps under the stars and meets all sorts of marsupials including the star of the desert: the Red Kangaroo.