Wild Hunters




Wild Hunters is a spectacular journey around the world in search of nature's deadliest predators. An awe-inspiring close-up of the everyday life in the wild.


Season 1
  • Cats


    From the Eurasian lynx in Europe to the Margay in India: they all have one thing in common; they are deadly killing machines. A true athlete of the hunt!

  • Reptiles


    Despite their ancient appearance, reptiles are creatures full of surprises and sophistication. Much like dinosaurs, reptiles are hugely efficient hunters.

  • Snakes


    When on the hunt, snakes judge to perfection the very instant that separates life from death. Venomous snakes are one of the most lethal animals on the planet.

  • Wolves And Jackals


    Wolves are a supreme example of cooperative hunting, their efficiency based on hierarchy within a pack that demands loyalty.

  • Bears


    Bears are among the most supreme predators on Earth. The turning of the seasons provokes profound changes in bears' bodies, allowing them to endure the harshest conditions.

  • Fish


    From the depths of the oceans, to the clearest of high mountain rivers, the jaws of fish and their enemies open and close incessantly.

  • Spiders And Scorpions


    It is possible that there are no better equipped hunters on earth than the arachnids. They are endlessly surprising creatures that together form a hugely diverse group of gifted predators replete with mysterious marvels, armed with amazing weapons, possessing almost inexplicable powers.

  • Eagles And Hawks


    Few hunters in nature boast the power and majesty of birds of prey. Hunting defines the very quintessence of their bodies and their senses. No other hunters possess such powerful eyesight, such effective, merciless talons, nor can any animal on the planet compete for speed.

  • Weasels And Raccoons


    Among the wide variety of wild hunters on planet Earth, one group stands out for its opportunism, inventiveness and versatility. Genets, and their relatives the mustelids, like weasels and raccoons, are armed with disproportionate ferocity for such relatively small animals, capable of hunting in almost all terrestrial ecosystems.