Wild Mississippi

Saturday 11 December 19:40 CAT

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Wild Mississippi

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  1. Saturday 11 December at 19:40 CAT

    Deep Freeze


This 3-part blue chip natural history series reveals the rarely-seen magic along the longest river system in the United States, and the drama of the creatures that are drawn to the Mississippi for survival.


Season 1
  • Deep Freeze


    This blue-chip natural history special is the first of three hours that take us on a wild journey down the Mississippi to reveal a river you only think you know. Beginning in the fall at the very head of the river, we follow its path to find hungry wolves, freezing bobcats, warring bald eagles, hapless porcupines, and phantom owls that hunt what they can't see.

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    Saturday 11 December at 19:40 CAT
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  • Raging Waters


    As spring breaks along the Mississippi, melting snow and ice create a flood of epic proportions. For fish, high water comes as a blessing, nourishing the banks with rich soils and allowing easy passage to breeding grounds. But others aren't so lucky. The deluge washes beavers and birds out of their homes, leaving them vulnerable to a host of forest predators.

  • Delta Blues


    Our romance with the Mississippi River heats up as we head south. She joins with an even more flooded Ohio River to form a union of destruction that challenges man and beast alike. At the headwaters, when we started this love affair with the river, we agreed to go all the way come hell or high water - now we get both.