Wild Philippines


Season 1


A nation of more than 100 million people on a collection of over 7,600 islands all set in the warm emerald seas of the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is a land of sparkling wonder.


Season 1
  • Enchanted Islands


    We start on the tiny island of Batan, meeting a unique viper and a ubiquitous but also giant, land crab. Luzon is the main island of the Philippines. We drop in to Mindoro to see the most endangered large mammal in the Philippines, the tamaraw.

  • Wild Paradise


    Moving from turtles of the Palawan coast to the unique National Marine Park at Tubbataha, to meet giants, whale sharks and manta rays. We also see how people can mediate between people and wildlife as we join a snake hunting team catching and translocating a deadly Samar cobra.