Wild South Africa




Nowhere else can you find heat and cold, desert and tropics, Africa and the Antarctic altogether in a single country: South Africa - as diverse as an entire continent!


Season 1
  • Clash of Currents


    Nowhere else on earth do Africa and Antarctica so impressively come together as at South Africa's Cape! It's a place where cold-loving penguins live alongside desert-dwelling ostriches, and which is similarly home to surfing sea snails and live-bearing chameleons.

  • Land of The Giants


    Sunshine, sandy beaches and palm trees - not only does the Caribbean boast them, so too does South Africa's East Coast. Here you are no longer privy to the rocky coastline of the Cape of Good Hope! It is hot and sticky all year round - the mangroves and the bayous in the east of the country present ideal conditions for strange frogs, mudskippers and enormous Nile crocodiles - still, occasionally it's also too hot to handle, even for them!

  • Killers of The Kalahari


    From the savanna to the desert, the heart of South Africa is home to the most successful hunters, extremely odd animals, and the setting for one of the most colorful natural spectacles on the planet! Far from the cape and coasts, and beyond the Drakensberg Mountains, lie vast semideserts and dry savannas - a world apart, fit for clever survivalists only!