World's Weirdest




This amazing new series showcases the strangest, freakiest, weirdest, and just plain "out of this world" behaviors in the animal kingdom. From animals that develop their babies in their mothers back skin; to strange adaptations that enable creatures to survive in extreme environments; to alien-looking body parts and camouflage, this series will cover it all.


  • Freaky Eats


    Shocking, disturbing, disgusting. From fecal foraging…to post-coital snacks...and strange local delicacies…see how animals and humans go to any lengths to get fed. These are the Worlds Weirdest…Freaky Feasts.

  • Oddities


    Strange looking animals…startling mutations…shocking survivors… Animals battling baffling deformities and living through astonishing ailments are pushing nature and genetic science to the limit.

  • Sneak Attacks


    When seemingly tame creatures suddenly turn wild, it all becomes frighteningly real. On the wrong turf or in the wrong place at the wrong time, encountering the animal kingdom at its most raw can be terrifying.

  • Animals Behaving Badly


    Primal pranksters…indiscriminate mating…and animals on the loose…when wild creatures are triggered, theres no stopping them. Unexpected encounters with brazen aggressors reveal just how unruly mother nature can be.