Monster Week

in June, from Monday 12th to Saturday 17th at 18:00

Majestic real life dragons, deadly snakes and ancient legendary crocs are some of the most frightening creatures out there, yet they still sometimes remain a mystery to all of us. Nat Geo Wild’s MONSTER WEEK unveils these extraordinary animals and reminds viewers of their relevance in the world.

Australia’s Deadly MonstersFrom Monday June 12th to Wednesday 14th at 18.00

Australia’s deadly monsters are supremely adapted to life in harsh and dangerous habitats, lurking deep within the heart of this ancient continent. Many of them have rarely been seen by human eyes. This series takes us on a journey through three Australian outback terrains and into the lives of some of Australia's frightening, ugly, freaky -but above all -deadly creatures. In the floodplains, in the desert dunes, and in the moisture-filled highlands of an otherwise arid landscape, we will explore the unique lives, habitats and hierarchies of some of Australia's monstrous creatures.

Search for King Cobra - Thursday June 15th at 18.00

Its 14 feet long with almost 2 teaspoons of available venom. Translated its scientific name means "snake eater". All forest residents live in fear of him including human beings. He’s a resident of India and he’s having to mix more and more with villagers. Little is known about these highly venomous snakes. Around Agumbe, in the Western Ghat forest, the King cobra has less and less space in which to survive.

Boss Croc - Friday June16th at 18.00

From one tiny hatchling among thousands, we follow Brutus, a Saltwater Crocodile on his 50- year ascendancy to become top croc. Drawing on his great lineage, avoiding predation, defying challenges from rivals, making great ocean voyages, conquering a prime billabong, siring many offspring, Brutus reaches his zenith, only to become the most hunted croc in the Top End of Australia. Through his journey, we will have an intimate insight into the natural history of the saltwater crocodile, its behavior and ecology.

Dragon Island - Saturday 17 June at 18.00

There is an island where dragons still roam. A Jurassic type underworld where ancient warlords still rule. Where they fight for supremacy…where they fight to survive. Komodo Island - deep in the remote basin of the Pacific Ocean – it’s an ancient Kingdom of fire and brimstone. Here, a string of 452 volcanoes erupt from the ocean bed, its known as "The Ring of Fire" and it's the perfect habitat for dragons. Komodo Dragons! The largest living lizard on the planet with 34 million years of survival in his DNA. It’s no surprise that he's still known as a dragon, he has the presence of an ancient gladiator. He's armored in claws and scales, but instead of spitting fire, he spits deadly venom.