One man's meat is another's taboo. In season 8 of Taboo some of the most confronting behaviours, rituals and beliefs from around the world come under sharp focus. With stories ranging from secret identities to illicit love, bizarre remedies to gruesome death rituals, and from the grittiness of street fighting to the grim realities of alcohol abuse, Taboo offers a front row seat to some of the most bizarre and controversial aspects of human behaviour. Shot in HD, Taboo travels to Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas to uncover the truth behind the taboos. Be amazed!

Every culture has its rituals and codes of living. We delve into the bizarre or confronting practices of cultures around the world.

What drives someone to insert stainless steel fishing hooks into another person’s back so they can hang from the ceiling by their flesh? How is the practice of...

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