Europe From Above

Wednesday 31 August 19:15 CAT


Season 4

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    Switzerland (Season 3)

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    Switzerland (Season 3)

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    Switzerland (Season 3)


With exclusive access to key locations, we will deliver a new perspective of Europe from the air through the changing seasons across a year. We'll reveal how tradition, engineering and natural wonders have shaped this epic continent, in a vibrant portrait of the region and the people who keep it alive.


  • Scotland


    This stunning aerial tour shows Scotland from a completely new perspective. Flying cameras reveal innovative, tidal electricity generators, majestic cliff-top castles and the world’s oldest golf course. We’ll take a unique look at life on Scotland’s many picturesque islands and witness vertigo inducing work on a record-breaking bridge.

  • Denmark


    This spectacular aerial journey reveals Denmark as it’s never been seen before. Flying cameras uncover a state-of-the-art power plant with a ski slope on its roof, soar above a procession by the Royal Family’s elite guards and see repairs to unique houses found nowhere else on Earth. We’ll explore the many islands that make up this small nation and discover a castle so infamous that it inspired Shakespeare to write his play Hamlet.

  • Serbia


    This spectacular aerial journey reveals Serbia as it’s never been seen before. Drone cameras soar over a village with a unique way of harvesting its peppers, reveal avant-garde monuments secretly studded in remote hills and fly with exclusive access over a special animal conservation effort. We’ll explore all four corners of this nation, from the construction of a record-breaking skyscraper to a fairy-tale synagogue unlike any other.