Team Sayari

Team Sayari

The first of its kind, this authentic African children’s programme aims to encourage viewers to engage in conservation of Africa’s vast biodiversity and natural resources. Led by the programme’s goals to inspire curiosity, ignite positive behaviour change and nurture environmental champions, studio hosts Mysha Hodson (15), Marita Lucas (14), Shanah Manjeru (16), Railey Mwai (12) and Adarsh Nagda (14) commence each episode in the Sayari Basecamp where a gigantic tree, with a textured trunk named Funzi imparts knowledge about the environment and gives the team various challenges on which to embark.

TEAM SAYARI- New episodes Saturdays 12.00




Marita Nyambura Lucas

Marita, who is a lively 12-year-old, is in sixth grade and lives with her family in Nairobi, Kenya. This young lady has a passion for environmental conservation and has taken part in activities that promote healthy living, such as cleaning up a local market.

She is creative and artistic and enjoys expressing herself in music, drawing and painting. On weekends, she likes to cook, garden, or travel to new places.

 Soccer is her favourite sport to watch, and she often gets to play it with her friends. Marita's vibrant energy spreads to everyone around her. She is also determined and gives her all to any task assigned to her.


Mysha Hodson