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  • Gospel Of Judas show

    Gospel Of Judas

    The theological implications of this important biblical document are explored by scholars and scientists.

  • New Orleans: City of Stories show

    New Orleans: City of Stories

    Delving into the history and culture of the Big Easy.

  • Beast Legends show

    Beast Legends

    Beast Legends investigates and creates incredible creatures: Unidentified Mysterious Animals... animals unknown to science.In...

  • City of Ants show

    City of Ants

    How do millions of simple creatures form a collective brain, make decisions and move like a single being? Enter the secret...

  • World's Deadliest Animals show

    World's Deadliest Animals

    Find out which species are among the deadliest twelve animals in: Costa Rica, the Amazon, Asia and the Asia Pacific.The ...

  • Inside World War II show

    Inside World War II

    The Second World War was often described as the deadliest in history. In this three-part mini-series, the confusion and chaos...

  • Dark Side of Crocs show

    Dark Side of Crocs

    Crocs have a remarkably ancient lineage. And some truly impressive distant cousins: the dinosaurs. It is believed that they...

  • Challenger Disaster: The Lost Tapes show

    Challenger Disaster: The Lost Tapes

    The Challenger Disaster Tapes follows the story of the Space Shuttle Challenger and its crew, specifically Christa Mcauliffe,...

  • Female Corrections Officers: Dallas show

    Female Corrections Officers: Dallas

    Locked in with 64 male inmates, unprotected by bars or doors, a veteran female prison guard must keep her wits about her in...

  • Last Lioness show

    Last Lioness

    A haunting call echoes across the Liuwa Plain. There is no answer, there hasn't been for years. She has no pride, no support...

  • Gallipoli's Deep Secrets show

    Gallipoli's Deep Secrets

    In a conflict packed with devastating battles, Gallipoli stands out as one of the First World War's most futile and bloody...

  • Hitler's Secret Weapon show

    Hitler's Secret Weapon

    As the Second World War began to draw to a close, the scientists and designers of Hitler's Germany were employed in a frantic...

  • Cannibals of the Stone Age show

    Cannibals of the Stone Age

    In 5000 BC Europe, it is believed that up to 1,000 men, women, children and even unborn foetuses were victims of cannibalism....

  • Animal Superpowers show

    Animal Superpowers

    Humans may not have evolved to wield electricity, achieve invisibility or regenerate like their favourite superheroes – but...

  • Blood Rivals: Lion vs. Buffalo show

    Blood Rivals: Lion vs. Buffalo

    In Africa, no other herbivore rivals the buffalo with its brute force and collective strategy; honed over millennia in an...

  • Strangest Bird Alive show

    Strangest Bird Alive

    The ostriches of Namibia face an annual challenge: choosing the exactly the right moment to breed. The birds must ensure their...

  • The Rolex Awards for Enterprise 40th Anniversary show

    The Rolex Awards for Enterprise 40th Anniversary

    Since 1976, Swiss watchmaker, Rolex has honoured one hundred and forty special men and women - from all ages, nationalities,...

  • Years of Living Dangerously show

    Years of Living Dangerously

    The Emmy-winning climate change series returns for a second season to tell the biggest story of our time....

  • Paradise Islands show

    Paradise Islands

    The many islands that lie between Asia and Australia can claim to be the biologically richest on earth. The fascinating...

  • Hitler Youth show

    Hitler Youth

    In 1930s Germany, the Nazi Party created the Hitler Youth to indoctrinate children and adolescents with Nazi ideology and...