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    • Razor Jaws - Episode 4 show

      Razor Jaws - Episode 4

      The Hyaenodon was one of history's deadliest beasts, will its razor jaws ever be matched?

    • Hell Pig - Episode 3 show

      Hell Pig - Episode 3

      Meet the ugliest creatures ever to have lived!

    • Wild Dog Attack show

      Wild Dog Attack

      Wild Dog Attack

    • Crocodiles show



    • Catch a Hippo show

      Catch a Hippo

      Brady Barr examines a hippo from very close.

    • Giant Sawfish show

      Giant Sawfish

      Older than dinosaurs, sawfish are filter-feeders just like baleen whales.

    • Man Eating Crocs show

      Man Eating Crocs

      Brady is on a mission to capture a killer.

    • Shark Eden show

      Shark Eden

      Leading the expedition is Dr. Enric Sala, a National Geographic Explorer and research scientist at Spain’s National Council.

    • Five pieces to the puzzle show

      Five pieces to the puzzle

      A group of marine experts from around the globe with an aim: to create a new protected area in Kiribati.

    • First dive show

      First dive

      The absence of sharks is a lead that something may be wrong at Flint Island.

    • Colorful corals show

      Colorful corals

      Spectacularly; a territory dominated by coral.

    • Vostok Island show

      Vostok Island

      The island is so small it has never had human habitation, is probably the most pristine island.

    • Terror Raptor - Episode 2 show

      Terror Raptor - Episode 2

      Meet the feathered 'Terror Birds'.

    • Robo Snake show

      Robo Snake

      Can robots help capture some of the world’s most deadliest snakes?

    • Coral reefs show

      Coral reefs

      A small group of scientists is on a mission: find the last stretches of ocean that remain as they were before man.

    • Inside Nature's Giants show

      Inside Nature's Giants

      Inside Nature's Giants dissects the largest animals on the planet to uncover their evolutionary secrets.

    • Megalodon - Episode 1 show

      Megalodon - Episode 1

      Megalodon was the biggest predator ever to swim the oceans who ruled the seas for 20 million years.