Discover the engineering secrets of massive machines that help us explore space. The NASA Crawler, capable of delivering the massive weight of space vehicles without dislodging even a wire. The International Space Station, from its unusual water supply to its secret defense against orbital debris. And the Very Large Telescope, or VLT, with its array of engineering tricks that let us peer farther back in time than ever before.


  • Colossal Machines: Sub Zero Supermachines
    Ice breakers provide a lifeline in places aircraft can’t easily reach. Secret ingredients go into a snow plough so trains don’t derail in icy regions. An all-terrain vehicle moves through snow where others would sink.
  • Colossal Machines: Earth Biters
    They are massive digging toys on a scale nearly impossible to visualize. A dragline excavator; a colossal machine the size of building that ‘walks’ between job sites; a new generation of climate friendlier mining monsters.
  • Colossal Machines: Astonomical Engineering
    Unlocking the secrets of the cosmos requires amazing machines, and what’s under the hood of these technical wonders is nothing short of rocket science.
  • Colossal Machines: Sea Monsters
    How do you move an aircraft carrier? How does an oil rig withstand hurricane winds? When the Ohio class submarine reaches the bottom of the ocean, how does it stay intact and silent? Discover the engineering secrets of massive machines that help us explore our oceans.
  • Colossal Machines: There be Dragons
    The C5 Galaxy, or ‘Screaming Giant,’ airlifts huge loads. The Airbus Tanker Craft safely refuels two fighter jets midair. The Airlander 10 zeppelin is a marriage of new composites and tech that could be the future of flight.