• Life Below Zero: Next Generation show

      Life Below Zero: Next Generation

      From the team behind LIFE BELOW ZERO, the next generation of freedom seekers tired of the rat race head off into the wilds of...

    • Nature’s Bounty show

      Nature’s Bounty

      As harsh winter approaches, the next generation of Alaskans use any means necessary to prepare and protect their most valuable...

    • Zombie Fish show

      Zombie Fish

      Time is ticking for the residents of Alaska to stockpile fresh meat for winter. Johnny presses his luck trying to harvest...

    • Bird of Prey show

      Bird of Prey

      Alaskans must move quickly to secure food before winter covers the Arctic. The Roach family hopes to make up for lost time and...

    • Deadman’s Return show

      Deadman’s Return

      Mother Nature gives the Next Generation a run for their money as they prepare for her wrath. Alex Javor must use his resources...

    • Priceless show


      Alaska’s harsh dark winter approaches and the Next Generation races the clock in order to survive its wrath. The Millers...