• Wednesday 7 June 2023 at 6:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • Ocean Wreck Investigation show

      Ocean Wreck Investigation

      Working alongside divers, wreck investigators and archaeologists, the series tells the stories of the final moments of ships...

    • Collisions At Sea show

      Collisions At Sea

      Collisions at sea are of the most costly accidents, both financially and to lives. Exploring 3 historical wrecks – HMS...

    • Toxic Wrecks show

      Toxic Wrecks

      Thousands of WW2 wrecks lay dormant in the world’s waters. 75 years later, the relentless power of the ocean has eroded...

    • Scotland's Sea Secrets show

      Scotland's Sea Secrets

      During the First World War, two powerful warships, HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard, sank in controversial circumstances off the...

    • Assassins of The Deep show

      Assassins of The Deep

      We explore three different German U-Boat wrecks from the First and Second World War with marine archaeologist Dr Innes...

    • Danger Ahead show

      Danger Ahead

      The sea is unpredictable. Critical decisions made in the face of danger make all the difference. What sank the ocean liner...

    • Last Days of The Battleship show

      Last Days of The Battleship

      Survivors' stories and world-leading shipwreck investigators uncover how the most powerful warships in history had their...

    • Nuclear Wrecks show

      Nuclear Wrecks

      We uncover the remains of warships from the remote Pacific to the deep Atlantic revealing new insights into how the atom bomb...

    • Savage Revenge show

      Savage Revenge

      This episode tells the stories of two shocking revenge attacks in WW2. In 1944, in retaliation for Pearl Harbor, the Americans...

    • Failed Invasions show

      Failed Invasions

      The stories of two of the greatest failed invasions in the history of naval warfare. In 1588 King Philip II of Spain assembled...

    • The Lost Fleet of Wwi show

      The Lost Fleet of Wwi

      In the wake of WWI, 74 of the most powerful warships of the German High Seas fleet disappear into the depths of Scapa Flow. We...