• Monday 23 September 2019 at 1:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • When Sharks Attack show

      When Sharks Attack

      In spring 2012 beachgoers along Florida’s coast are under attack by a rogue shark. As experts struggle to understand...

    • Gulf Coast Killers show

      Gulf Coast Killers

      In 2005, the number of shark attacks along the Gulf of Mexico exploded. The cause is a mystery to locals and experts, and the...

    • Hawaiian Terror show

      Hawaiian Terror

      The tourist hot spot of Maui, Hawaii is rocked by an unprecedented wave of shark attacks, three times more than average,...

    • In Shallow Water show

      In Shallow Water

      Tourists flock to the beaches of North Carolina and Virginia for their safe, calm waters. But beneath the still serenity of...

    • Cape Jaws show

      Cape Jaws

      Shaaaark! When vacationer Chris Myers and his son are attacked off a crowded beach in Truro, shark experts examine the...

    • Carolina Chaos show

      Carolina Chaos

      Shaaaark! When a record number of people are savagely attacked by sharks off the Carolina Coast, shark experts look at the...

    • Nightmare Island show

      Nightmare Island

      Shaaaark! When shark attacks triple in the seemingly harmless Atlantic Ocean, shark experts examine the unique and disturbing...