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Rock frontman Henry Rollins investigates animal fixations from around the world in Animal Underworld.

As he witnesses practices as deadly as the animals they involve, he finds some of these creatures are living not in zoos, but in your homes.

Animal Underworld: Beast Worship
Investigating the role animals play in religion, Henry sees a desert ritual in which spiritual seekers illegally smoke the poisonous skin of a Sonoran toad.  And, in the snake-handling churches of Appalachia, he finds even Christianity has room for a surprising role for dangerous animals.

Animal Underworld: Wild Hunger
Henry investigates the trade in animals' blood, organs, limbs and toxins. Some are medically important, or simply outrageous delicacies; others involve cruel treatment of endangered species in the cause of discredited beliefs. Can Rollins sort the harmless roadkill-eaters from the cruel tappers of bears' bile?

Animal Underworld: Fatal Obsession
In Miami, Henry visits Arthur, a snake collector who drives a hearse and has fangs like the animals he keeps. A king cobra, rattlesnakes and vipers live in a room of his unassuming suburban home - but this is just the beginning of a journey that will see Rollins wrestle an alligator!


  • Animal Underworld: Fatal Obsession
  • Animal Underworld: Beast Worship
  • Animal Underworld: Wild Hunger