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    • Diaper MacGyver show

      Diaper MacGyver

      Hey Jude, a fragile cockatiel, needs a creative solution in order to help her warm up quickly!

    • Feeling Not-So Foxy show

      Feeling Not-So Foxy

      Dr. K is reminded why she left dog and cat practices when a fox comes into the clinic for an anal gland expression.

    • Squealers! show


      Oinkers, the pot-bellied, pig is at the clinic for spaying but Dr. K wants to be sure there are no other issues before surgery.

    • Freaky Feathers show

      Freaky Feathers

      Dr. K’s bird Xander isn't feeling well and while she’s out of town he will stay at the clinic for bird-sitting.

    • Bush Baby Mistaken Identity show

      Bush Baby Mistaken Identity

      The owner of a bush baby learns that she's had the gender of her exotic animal wrong all this time.