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    • Fight for Flight show

      Fight for Flight

      A great gray owl’s wing has been amputated after being hit by a car. To find the proper bandage, Dr. Michelle Oakley gets...

    • Skippy the Reindeer show

      Skippy the Reindeer

      Dr. Oakley visits a wildlife center to check on a reindeer suffering from an umbilical hernia.

    • One Fiery Bullpen show

      One Fiery Bullpen

      Dr. Michelle Oakley is chasing down a Muskox to check his health. But the angry animal doesn't want to cooperate.

    • An Alpaca Rodeo show

      An Alpaca Rodeo

      One irritable patient gives Dr. Michelle Oakley a piece of her mind.

    • Eight Baby Meerkats show

      Eight Baby Meerkats

      Dr. Oakley races against the clock to draw blood and microchip the zoo's new meerkats.

    • Hans the Owl show

      Hans the Owl

      Dr. Oakley, daughter Willow and American Eagle Foundation employee Brian try to take blood from a young Eurasian Eagle Owl.

    • Attack of the Feral Cat show

      Attack of the Feral Cat

      A feral cat makes a daring escape when Dr. Oakley tries to vaccinate him.

    • Hoping for a Miracle show

      Hoping for a Miracle

      Dr. Oakley checks a dog suffering with anal growths.

    • Morris’ Bushy Bum show

      Morris’ Bushy Bum

      A fat cat named Morris comes to Dr. Oakley to shave down the fur on his bum.

    • Itching for a Scratch show

      Itching for a Scratch

      Dr. Oakley tries to help local farm pigs suffering from a bad case of mange.

    • Behind the Scenes: Dr. Oakley, Yukon Cameraman show

      Behind the Scenes: Dr. Oakley, Yukon Cameraman

      Dr. Oakley knows how to take care of all creatures big and small but how will she perform on the other side of the camera...

    • Behind the Scenes: Rowdy Sled Dog Pups show

      Behind the Scenes: Rowdy Sled Dog Pups

      Dr. Oakley's daughter gets to spend extra quality time with some adorable husky puppies.