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    • Darwin's Lost Voyage show

      Darwin's Lost Voyage

      Darwin's Lost Voyage

    • In Living Color show

      In Living Color

      Scientists head to a graveyard in China to further search for answers to the question of dinosaur color.

    • Fact or Fiction Monsters show

      Fact or Fiction Monsters

      The experts behind the investigations of the world’s most cryptic monsters.

    • The Whale That Blew Up show

      The Whale That Blew Up

      The whale that blew up in the street.

    • Inside T. Rex show

      Inside T. Rex

      Dr. Manning unlocks the mysteries of the most perfectly preserved T. Rex skull ever collected.

    • Skin Deep show

      Skin Deep

      A quest to create the most scientifically accurate model of a dinosaur ever made.

    • Supersize show


      Just how big was the biggest dinosaur ever to walk the face of the earth?

    • T. Rex Trauma show

      T. Rex Trauma

      Dinosaurs managed to survive injuries, infections and diseases that would kill most predators today.

    • Walking Like a Dinosaur show

      Walking Like a Dinosaur

      Phil reveals new evidence of quirky movements that adult and baby Titanosaurs made 70-million years ago.

    • The Journey of Leonardo DiCaprio show

      The Journey of Leonardo DiCaprio

      On Before the Flood, Leonardo DiCaprio has criss-crossed the planet in his role as UN messenger of Peace on Climate Change.