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    • First Time Mom show

      First Time Mom

      Dr. Priya and the team are hoping to get a look at Zuri the giraffe's baby on ultrasound, if only Zuri will cooperate.

    • Power Hour show

      Power Hour

      It's time for Girl, the 31-year-old alligator's annual exam, but she may be too strong for the doctors and keepers!

    • Kangaroo Round-Up show

      Kangaroo Round-Up

      The zoo staff rounds up the feisty kangaroo mob for their very important rabies vaccines, but the kangaroos aren't exactly...

    • Florida Bound Manatee show

      Florida Bound Manatee

      Junebug the manatee is being transferred for her big move to Florida waters.

    • What Does the Flying Fox Say? show

      What Does the Flying Fox Say?

      Female flying fox Belle needs an ultrasound on her concerning abdominal mass.

    • A Lesson in Growing Up show

      A Lesson in Growing Up

      Baby male elephant Beco is introduced to Bull elephant Hank.