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In this one-off special, global movie star Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers), embarks on a personal mission to investigate how we can live more harmoniously with sharks.    Chris, an enthusiastic surfer and renowned environmentalist, is fascinated by the ocean’s top predator.   But he’s equally perplexed by the dangers they pose to humans when we venture into shark territory.     In Shark Beach (WT) Chris uncovers the complicated truth behind the alarming increase in shark attacks in Australia.   Joined by surfers, conservationists, shark advocates and marine biologists, Chris begins his journey in his own backyard at Byron Bay, Australia.   He explores new preventative measures and technology which can help stave off shark-human encounters.  He dives with sharks himself and accompanies a tagging team as they handle a captured great white, helping release it back into the ocean.   Chris’s mission to understand sharks is more than a journey:  he’s searching for answers to help us live more peacefully with these magnificent creatures.