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    • Baby Camels on Board? show

      Baby Camels on Board?

      Dr. Pol has two camels arrive at the clinic. He's checking to see if either one is pregnant.

    • Doc’s Return! show

      Doc’s Return!

      Doc takes his first case back after ankle replacement surgery!

    • Ewe Should Know show

      Ewe Should Know

      Sheep might be calm creatures, but they’re not easy to round up and test.

    • Fixing Up Alpacas show

      Fixing Up Alpacas

      Meet these soft, calm and very valuable animals.

    • Emergency Dog Surgery show

      Emergency Dog Surgery

      Dr. Pol performs emergency surgery to treat a dog that was hit by a car.

    • Saving the Family Dog show

      Saving the Family Dog

      How does Dr. Pol treat this dog’s skin infection?

    • Untwisting a Cow Storm show

      Untwisting a Cow Storm

      It takes manpower and skill to treat a cow with a twisted stomach.

    • Test Tube Stallion show

      Test Tube Stallion

      Dr. Pol and his assistant Olivia use a syringe to inseminate a mare with a top stallion’s semen.

    • Calving Gone Wrong show

      Calving Gone Wrong

      Dr. Pol and Dr. Sandra have to somehow deliver a calf that’s stuck in a mama’s pelvis.

    • Pet or Pest? show

      Pet or Pest?

      Dr. Pol’s neighbor, Dan, has to make a tough decision about his ornery old dog.

    • Pig Out show

      Pig Out

      When a mother pig cannot nurse her litter, a surrogate is brought in to help the piglets feed.