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    • Bye Bye Bessie show

      Bye Bye Bessie

      Nurse shark "Bessie" is moving to her new habitat and her caregiver has trouble saying goodbye.

    • Scared of Snakes! show

      Scared of Snakes!

      The guys are scouting a location for their upcoming frog exhibit, but they have snakes on the brain!

    • Francis and Jose show

      Francis and Jose

      Francis and Jose mix like oil and water, sometimes it seems like they don't even speak the same language.

    • Meet Ben show

      Meet Ben

      Senior Project Manager Ben Alia is responsible for everything from initial design to final installation of the tanks.

    • Meet Mat show

      Meet Mat

      Mat Roy, President of Living Color Aquariums, always promises the tank of your dreams but it is his staff that must deliver.

    • The Shark Whisperer show

      The Shark Whisperer

      Francis needs help moving a nurse shark so he enlists the help of Diver Frank, The Shark Whisperer.

    • Lobster Diving show

      Lobster Diving

      Jose tags along with Heather on her lobster dive for a new dive shop fish tank.

    • Meet Francis show

      Meet Francis

      Francis Yupangco is Living Colors "Fish Geek" and is responsible for acquiring and caring for all the fish stock.

    • Meet Jose show

      Meet Jose

      Jose Blanco heads up production and fabrication of all the coral inserts for Living Colors award winning tanks.

    • Shark Eggs show

      Shark Eggs

      Francis is doing surgery on a Shark’s egg to make a window for viewing the embryo while it grows.

    • Catching Stingrays show

      Catching Stingrays

      Francis and Heather are catching stingrays for the VW bus fish tank!

    • John and Krusty show

      John and Krusty

      John and Krusty are Living Color's best install team, but after 4 years they seem to have had enough of each other.

    • Did You Kill Someone? show

      Did You Kill Someone?

      Jose has to convince Francis his screw up of renting a tank it is a good idea!

    • Size Doesn't Matter show

      Size Doesn't Matter

      Jose is building the reefs for the VW bus tank and there are a lot of restrictions.