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    • Hunting After Dark show

      Hunting After Dark

      Director Dan is out in the dark searching for the elusive snowman.

    • Leading an Expedition show

      Leading an Expedition

      Gerry talks about his experiences guiding a documentary crew around the world to find the abominable snowman.

    • Himalayan Journey show

      Himalayan Journey

      Explorer Gerry Moffat is off to Nepal- but not without some complicated travel arrangements.

    • Snowman Scalp show

      Snowman Scalp

      Through his Sherpa guide Dawa, Gerry gains access to a sacred yeti scalp kept under lock in a monastery.

    • Yeti Hunt, Night One show

      Yeti Hunt, Night One

      Director Dan Oliver describes just how hard it is to shoot video in freezing weather and high altitudes.

    • Land of Beauty show

      Land of Beauty

      Travel to a land immersed in beauty but rarely seen by its thousands of holidaymakers.