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A devastating natural disaster may be brewing beneath the calm blue Caribbean.  A vast web of geologic faults could give way at any moment, unleashing catastrophic earthquakes, potent volcanic eruptions and tsunamis capable of inundating coastlines from Puerto Rico to New York.  Wild Caribbean’s Deadly Underworld is an unprecedented attempt to take the pulse of these hidden threats.  Renowned ocean explorer Robert Ballard will lead a team of scientists on a daring deep-sea expedition to the most active submarine faults and volcanoes along the perimeter of the Caribbean plate.  A pair of remotely operated vehicles armed with a powerful suite of HD cameras and hi-tech tools will allow them to examine these potential hazards like never before.  And they won’t just be looking for geological threats.  These dangerous hot-spots also support some of the richest and most bizarre biological communities on our planet – alien-looking creatures that can survive in total darkness miles beneath the sea.  From massive sharks and giant mussels to microscopic bacteria, Ballard and his team will be on the lookout for exotic extremophiles and ultimately, clues about the origins of life in the universe.