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The Congo: more powerful and dangerous than any other river, yet a sanctuary and home for some of the most wonderful creatures on our Earth. "Wild Congo" follows the second largest river on Earth from its source in Zambia on its journey through marshland areas and rainforests. The Congo's journey stretches over a distance of 5000 kilometres, starting as a small stream and developing into a raging river that engulfs everything in its path. Biologists consider it to be the cradle of evolution: an experimental location for the emergence of new species! The shoebill, elephant fish and blind eel are just a few examples of the wildlife of the Congo and its astounding ability to adapt. Being separated by the water masses of the Congo River has also enabled our closest relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos, to develop completely different social systems, with violence and oppression reigning on one side of the river while care and tenderness take precedence on the other. Another life begins further down the river, where the Congo flows into the Atlantic and turtles hatch on the beach as they begin their lifelong battle against the ocean.


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