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Outmanned and outgunned, they patrol hundreds of miles of land, coastline, rivers and streams throughout the state of California. These are the California Game Wardens, and they’re on duty around the clock to ensure Wild Justice is brought to California residents and its animal inhabitants.

In the nation’s most populous state, people must coexist with wildlife, much of which is critically endangered, and protecting what remains is a primary mission. But more than just crimes against nature, these law officers also take on illegal drugs, dangerous fugitives and urban gangsters on a beat that stretches from residential backyards to rugged back country.  

The real-life bravery of the California Game Wardens is now brought to light as Nat Geo cameras ride along in the new series Wild Justice, by acclaimed executive producer, Thom Beers (Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers).

Whether working alone or with a canine companion, the California Game Wardens must be resourceful and self-sufficient as they patrol rural areas on foot, horseback, plane, boat or pickup truck, where backup can be miles away.  Protecting endangered animals means stopping criminals before they strike in a deadly game that can play out anywhere from San Francisco’s Chinatown to the deserts, mountains and coastlands that make up one of the most diverse terrains in the nation. 


  • Wild Justice
  • Wild Justice: Thrill Killer
    Warden Boyd takes an unusual approach to catching hunters suspected of trafficking bear gallbladders. Using real bear paws to mask his tracks and a scent drag to imitate bear presence, Boyd hopes to lure the hunters into a trap and catch them red-handed. Meanwhile, other agents use aerial recon to track down what they believe is a thrill-killing poacher. The group finds myriad oddities, several suspicious species for sale and a suspect who eludes questioning.
  • Wild Justice: Marijuana Mountains
    Illegal drugs and poaching often go hand in hand. Intel leads Lieutenant Nores and the Marijuana Eradication Team to a marijuana grow site near a children’s camp. A few hundred miles north, Wardens Beals and Martignoni find drug paraphernalia after searching a parolee’s vehicle. And Captain Castillo and his squad hunt down a man suspected of poaching deer, then trading the meat for methamphetamines.
  • Wild Justice: Outgunned
    Warden Boyd and his team take an unorthodox approach to catching poachers who kill bears just to harvest their gall bladders for folk medicine. Using real bear paws to mask his tracks and scent in order to fake a bear presence, Boyd hopes to lure poachers into a trap and catch them red-handed. While in San Francisco, Warden O’Brien organizes a saturation patrol of Chinatown, known as a hotbed for illegal trading in exotic species and animal parts.
  • Wild Justice: Deer Meat for Meth
    Poachers often operate under cover of darkness, and so do the wardens. Wardens Beals and Martignoni are on the hunt for a serial poacher illegally killing pregnant does. And on Halloween night, it’s a deadly serious game of trick or treat as a special operations unit apprehends a suspect caught with a stash of illegal deer meat and marijuana. Then, in an upscale community of Grass Valley, residents have discovered stray arrows outside their homes, and the wardens rush in hoping to avert an accidental death.
  • Wild Justice: Felony Friday
    The wardens head out to sea in search of illegal fishermen loaded with guns, knives and drugs. The team makes several stops along the way checking for fishing permits and marijuana possession. But even as they enjoy wildlife they have sworn to protect when they spot dolphins, they’re immersed in an investigation involving a sea lion shot in the face. Then, in the remote woods of Feather Falls, Lieutenant Castillo must rally his team to take down a mountain lion poacher with a history of violence.
  • Wild Justice: Gold Fever
  • Wild Justice: Boozin' & Snoozin'
  • Wild Justice: Quicksand!
  • Wild Justice: Bear-ly Legal
  • Wild Justice: Later, Baiter
  • Wild Justice: Meth Madness
  • Wild Justice: Undercover Cat
  • Wild Justice: Hooked on Poaching
  • Wild Justice: Fish & Meth
  • Wild Justice: Bear Scare