• X-Ray Earth show

    X-Ray Earth

    A brand new terrestrial laser tool allows us to dissolve the earth's surface, going beyond human perception to see inside the...

  • Wild Nordic show

    Wild Nordic

    Scandinavia – a land of vast coastlines, soaring mountains, daring animals, ancient landscapes and lush forests. In this...

  • Life Below Zero: Next Generation show

    Life Below Zero: Next Generation

    From the team behind LIFE BELOW ZERO, the next generation of freedom seekers tired of the rat race head off into the wilds of...

  • The Hot Zone: Anthrax show

    The Hot Zone: Anthrax

    With the world still reeling after the attacks on 9/11, America faces a second wave—the anthrax letters. Targeting...


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8:00pm Called to the Wild: Barking Up the Wrong TreeBarking Up the Wrong TreeA homesteader and her 12-year-old terrier, a primitive skills enthusiast and his...Untamed Wild: Venom: Nature's KillersVenom: Nature's KillersAccording to Snake Hunter and Herpetologist Zoltan Takacs "There isn't another country...Untamed Wild: Kenny & Zoltan's Venom QuestKenny & Zoltan's Venom QuestKenny and Zoltan enter their second week of exploring Vietnam. Photographer Mattias...Alaska Animal Rescue: Thrills And QuillsThrills And QuillsA bald eagle prepares for its freedom, a harbor seal pup gets a rehab partner, and an...Shipwrecks of Pearl Harbor:
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Cesar's Way: Episode 1Episode 1Cesar transforms a dangerous Pit Bull into a dog of service while also helping a...Destination Wild: Unknown Europe: Episode 1Episode 1Germany is Europe’s most populous nation. A land hewn by mighty rivers and cloaked...
9:00pm The 80s Top Ten: Episode 4Episode 4Rob Lowe counts down the top ten fast foods of the 1980s, revealing the fascinating...Ultimate Survival Alaska: Deep Dark WoodsDeep Dark WoodsLeg ten takes the teams to Kodiak Island, a lush temperate rainforest full of...Uncensored With Michael Ware: Paparazzi!Paparazzi!Ware is embedded with paparazzi to find out what exactly they go through to get the...UnderCover Angel: Episode 2Episode 2Wealth and privilege are about to meet poverty and hardship head on as a rich...Shipwrecks of Pearl Harbor:
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Lost Cities with Albert Lin: Fortress of The Inca...Fortress of The Inca Island In The SkyAlbert Lin travels to the famous Machu Picchu where LiDAR technology reveals evidence...Global Village: Episode 1Episode 1The purpose of the film is to shine a light on the unique & multicultural shopping and...
10:00pm Great Inventions: Comp Games - Episode 10Comp Games - Episode 10Car S.O.S: Episode 9Episode 9Ultimate Experience:
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Brain Games: On The Road: The Gills vs Tribe MilliganThe Gills vs Tribe MilliganThe Gills go up against Tribe Milligan in a series of mind-bending BRAIN GAMES,...Lost Cities with Albert Lin: Fortress of The Knights...Fortress of The Knights TemplarNational Geographic Explorer and scientist Albert Lin travels to Acre, Israel, in...Cesar's Way: Episode 1Episode 1Cesar transforms a dangerous Pit Bull into a dog of service while also helping a...Ocean Wreck Investigation: Last Days of The BattleshipLast Days of The BattleshipSurvivors' stories and world-leading shipwreck investigators uncover how the most...